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Self-service dog washes

Thanks to many years of experience in making self-service car washes, our team of engineers and technicians has developed a self-service dog wash using the latest technologies and designs according to the requirements of customers and veterinary clinics.

The pet market is growing every year, so many businessmen and craftsmen have taken advantage of the trends to expand their business or services by investing in self-service dog washes.

Considering the low total costs of a dog wash, it is possible to earn an impressive income.

We offer a 3-year warranty on the provided dog wash.

UNTIL 15.07.2024. PRICES 7.499,00EUR + VAT

Self-service dog wash models


Indoor dog washes – our customers usually set them up in shopping centers, pet stores and existing business premises, and may also offer various additional options (towels, brushes, scissors, etc.).



Outdoor dog washes – our customers usually set them up in parks, parking lots of shopping centers, campsites and on walkways where a large number of users walk with their pets, playgrounds for dogs and more.


The advantages of self-service dog washes for the investor:

  • Steady income
  • Low costs
  • Use throughout the year
  • Owners wash their pets themselves
  • Flexibility in business operations (location, prices and market needs)
  • The dog wash is easy to maintain (refilling the shampoos, cleaning the tubs of hair and collecting the daily revenue)
  • Wireless connection to the dog wash and a complete overview of turnover as an option

The advantages of self-service dog washes for the users:

  • Users don’t have to make an appointment
  • Dog owners don’t have to spend money on buying various shampoos and conditioners
  • Users avoid the mess that occurs after washing their dog in their own bathroom
  • Safety leashes are available to prevent dogs from jumping out and injuring themselves
  • The hair dryer is designed for pets
  • In a very short time, dog owners can wash their dog, dry it and continue with their walk


The entire wash station is made of high-quality materials such as INOX AISI 304, with waterproof buttons and the IP67 embedded system for the electronics.

The following is required for setting up a self-service dog wash:

  1. 1/2” water supply line
  2. Single phase power supply of minimum 5KW (16A fuse)
  3. Drainage into the sewer with a connecting pipe of a diameter of 50 mm

The tubs for washing dogs have anti-slip rubber matting, so that dogs can safely and comfortably stand during the entire washing process. The most important part of the dog wash is the shower, which supplies water heated to a comfortable 38°C, the ideal temperature for washing dogs. In addition to the shower, there is also a dryer for drying dog hair, made especially for pets.

A professional dog dryer is installed in the wash station, with which users can quickly and thoroughly dry their pet’s hair. The dryer itself is placed inside a cabinet, from which a flexible hose stretches out to the tub. There is a potentiometer on the control panel with which users can regulate the drying intensity according to their own wishes. The dryer has low noise technology for quiet operation. This relieves the stress of pets and makes its use easier.

The shower inside the tub supplies water heated to a pleasant 38°C, which is the ideal temperature for washing dogs. The flow rate and intensity of the spray can be regulated. The shower has three different spray modes – soft spray, mist and full spray. In addition to regulating the water flow, users can also set the amount of water according to their needs. The shower also has a trigger to lock for continuous spray, to avoid overtaxing hands when washing pets. A soft plastic ring protects the shower head from damage.

The outdoor dog washes have internal and external LED lighting, a heater with a thermostat so the wash station can operate at lower temperatures, and are entirely made of stainless steel.

Additional equipment

LCD TV, remote loading of financial data and card payment can all be installed at the dog wash. Instructions for using the dog wash or advertising video materials can be shown on the TV. If the investor has additional requirements regarding the equipment, we can implement all that is requested.

Instructions for use

After paying the initial price (payment can be made with coins or bills), press the button and select the option of your choice.

You pay for the amount of time you want and can switch between all options at any moment. You can choose from several different grooming options: DISINFECTION, SHAMPOO, FLEA AND TICK SHAMPOO, REGENERATOR, RINSING, DRYING. Only organic shampoo developed especially for dogs is used in the dog wash. Cleaning the self-service pet wash itself does not require much effort and is done very simply:

  1. Raise the tub floor grate and remove the residual hair around the siphon.
  2. The tub is flushed by pressing the flush button.
  3. After cleaning, return the floor grate to its original position.
  4. The device is ready for further use.

Frequently asked questions

A self-service dog wash can be opened without any permits. You must have the option to make all the necessary connections (electricity, water, sewage) and the area (indoor or outdoor) where the dog wash will be set up.

It is the owner’s responsibility to make all the necessary connections to the desired location. The necessary connections are water, electricity and access to sewage.

The dog wash does not have to be serviced. You only need to clean the siphons from dog hair, refill the shampoos, and collect the daily revenue.

The main difference is in the location where they are set up. Indoor dog washes are set up inside buildings, while outdoor dog washes are set up outside. Please take a look at the images on our website and feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Additional equipment can include an LCD TV on which advertisements or instructions for use can be displayed, remote data reading through which the turnover of the dog wash can be monitored with the display of reports and card payment (Nayax). We are open to suggestions, and have, at a client’s request, installed an anti-theft system, alarm and video surveillance in an outdoor dog wash.

The dog wash does not issue or fiscalize invoices. In Croatia, we use an authorized company for this. A device (logger + data SIM card) is purchased from the company and installed at the dog wash. This device is used for fiscalization. A sticker with a bar code is issued by the company and must be affixed visibly at the dog wash, so that users can scan it and download an e-invoice (via mobile phone or tablet). A contract is signed with the company and a monthly maintenance fee is charged. You can use the services of the company we use or you can find someone to do it by yourself (it’s your choice).

It takes 40 working days to build a dog wash from the date of the 70% advance payment.

All spare parts can be obtained at our company.

Outdoor dog washes can be placed next to parks, parking lots of shopping centers, campsites and on walkways where a large number of users walks their pets.

Busier locations mean more profit.

Indoor dog washes are usually set up in existing business premises and may offer various additional options (towels, brushes, scissors, etc.).

List of shampoos we use in the dog washes:

Disinfection: Asepsol Eco 3L
Shampoo: Gottlieb new style shampoo 5L
Fleas and ticks: Panzi plus bolha kullancsriasztó shampoo 200ml
Regenerator: Gottlieb new style creme spelling 5L

All of the shampoos can be bought in larger pet shops.

Shampoos are diluted in 5L canisters located inside the cabinet:

Disinfection: 0.5L disinfection + 4.5L water
Shampoo: 2.5L shampoo + 2.5L water
Fleas and ticks: 0.2L shampoo + 4.8L water
Regenerator: 1.6L regenerator + 3.4L water

Note: Shake the canister to mix the liquids.

Not at the moment. The owner should check the level of products every day. Care should be taken that the level of the products in the canister is not less than 5 cm so that the inlet strainers don’t draw air into the system. We are working on a telemetry notification project so that the user can know the level of a particular liquid in a particular canister at any time.

Of course, an outdoor dog wash is insulated with 40mm thermopanels, while inside it there is a built-in heater that turns on with a thermostat. In this way, an outdoor dog wash can operate at all temperatures.

After the warranty period has expired, you will still have our support and spare parts available. You will just have to pay for the necessary parts and their delivery, while we would provide you with instructions on how to install them yourself. Our service technician can also install everything, for which you will be charged according to the Protech d.o.o. price list.

No, the prices refer to the FCO of factories. The delivery, assembly and commissioning are additionally charged according to the price list of Kobid d.o.o.

The owner is the one who decides whether he wants a glass door or a stainless-steel door.

The owner is the one who decides on the design for his dog wash. Most owners go with a sticker halfway up the tub as dogs can damage the stickers on the tub edges when they are being washed.

Yes, with a Nayax card reader.

The dog wash operates on the same principle as a self-service car wash. After payment, the timer starts and during that time you can use the offered options as you wish. Considering the options used and the time paid for, the pet can be easily washed within a few minutes.

About 130 liters of water are consumed in 10 minutes of washing (if it were to run continuously).

Both, we can make a dog wash that matches the requirements of your voltage network, either 220V or 110V.